Young Girl Covers Michael Jackson’s The Way You Make Me Feel In The Most Awesome Way Possible

It has often been said that imitation is the highest form of flattery, and I would say that this girl is flattering Michael Jackson quite well. Although she doesn’t use any type of instrument, outside of her voice, she is able to cover his classic “The Way You Make Me Feel” quite perfectly. She does so while sitting in the middle of a bed, performing the beat, vocal and melody using a loop pedal. The results are absolutely phenomenal.

As you might expect, this video went viral shortly after it was uploaded. Not only did it find its way to twitter, it was also uploaded to Vimeo and Reddit as well. This young singer has also started her own kickstarter campaign, which will be used to fund her next EP.

When somebody covers the song of someone famous, it is usually quite interesting to watch. At times, the person doing the cover may even perform in such a way that it rivals the original. As far as Michael Jackson’s music is concerned, however, most of his fans would agree that there will never be a substitute, just good imitations.


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