You will be spell bound to see the amazing thing he created out of empty toilet paper rolls.

Upon coming across an old, unexciting dilapidated picture frame, Samuel Bialkowski, a very well known Do It Yourself master, got an amazing idea of transforming it in to something totally different and much more exciting. With the help of some basic tools that can be found usually in our homes, along with items such as a pair of scissors, empty toilet paper rolls and a bit of spray paint, the artistic master in him ended up helping him create something so delightful for his house that if you see this, you would also want to craft something so magnificent.

If you take a look at these images and see how he displays his genius craftsmanship, I am sure they will show you how he was able to achieve creating something beautiful that you can also imitate. You can also copy his techniques along with recycling as a means of changing your home for better.

These are the materials he used. From left to right (Spray Paint, Paste or Glue, Empty toilet paper rolls, Empty paper towel rolls, Scissors)



He starts with cutting the empty toilet paper rolls and empty paper towel rolls with the scissors, getting strips that has a width of around an inch.



He then places a glue on each end of the paper roll strips, after that, he lays them down on the frame so that they can follow the pattern that he wants to make.


After putting glue on one end of the paper roll strips, He bonded them together forming a flower like pattern.


Then he starts arranging them meticulously and creatively under the old unexciting frame.


He waited for the adhesive to dry and lays the frame with the flower pattern carefully on a white paint protection sheet. Then sprays them with paint, and he does it with a great attentiveness to avoid paint bubbles.



And here how the beautiful final product looks like.


Isn’t it unbelievable that with the help of items that very often we all discard and throw away, he was able to make adorable little flowers?

I bet you would agree that a frame like that would add to the beauty of any room and house.


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