You cannot stop yourself from trying these 21 amazing marshmallow recipes that will make you sizzle

Are you ready for some after dinner dessert or a quick spoon full of mouth watering sweet that would melt in your mouth? Your wait is over, as here I have for you the best of the marshmallow recipe which are easy and quick to make right at the comfort of your own kitchen. Who could think that marshmallow can be turned into something so awesome and amazing that could just make you go bonkers.


Marshmallows are a personal favorite of all the sweet lovers and what better if you have recipes to prepare yourself. Hot chocolate and S’mores are a favorite in winter season but since we are heading towards summer season it is good to have a better option.

Now, without any more talking, let us have a look at those exotic recipes one by one:

Love cookies? Here is another flavor cookie for you made of marshmallow. Don’t forget to try this lip smacking recipe.

For all the butterscotch lovers, we have our very own butterscotch peanut butter marshmallow squares. Its sweet-salty combination will leave you wanting for more.

The third on our list is marshmallows covered in caramel. Yummm…I can already feel the taste in my mouth.

Coffer lovers; don’t be disappointed, we have something for you as well. How about a toasted marshmallow iced coffee!! It is bound to take your breath away.

Hot summer days? We have marshmallow toasted ice cream for you to beat the heat.

What do you think about some marshmallow fluffernutters, just like the classics?

Care for some ding dongs made from marshmallow? Here it is, easily can be homemade.

We have marshmallow blondies for you, look tempting isn’t it?

Brownie, my personal favorite with melted marshmallow topping.

Combining fudge and s’mores with marshmallow, amazing.

Another recipe for brownie fans, fudge and marshmallow just became one with chocolate frosting.

Oh my god! What do we have here? Marshmallow in cheesecake, awesome choice.

Someone created these crunchy bites out of mini marshmallows and marshmallow butter cream glaze. Enough to blow your mind.

Macarons with marshmallow. Simply great together, worth a try.

This one is no less, marshmallow fondant; these fluffy things can be added to anything sweet.

You want to know what tastes better than grilled cheese. Nutella and s’more sando simply out of the world.

This is what happens when cornflake, chocolate chip cookies and marshmallow are combined. Crunchy and soft at the same time, these delectable cookies will make you a kid.

Thinking what to do with a sweet potato try adding marshmallow and make it delicious.
Morning breakfast can become tastier with this recipe.

We have some oatmeal cookies with marshmallow in them. Both healthy and tasty at the same time.

Ever tries pumpkin bars? Delicious as hell, I can have them anytime in any of the seasons.


For all those who have a sweet tooth, it is time to try these new recipes made from marshmallow. Make one of these on a get-together party at your place and make your neighbors and friends drool over you.



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