What started with her putting some orange juice and a bit of salt would simply amaze you by the end.

We all share the desire and love for ice cream, however there isn’t a doubt that the calorie count makes us worry and think twice before taking another mouth watering scoop of it. What if we tell you that those days of watchful eating a soft serve are over? Yes, that’s right. If you want a delicious treat that is sweet and is pretty much like ice cream but without a lot of reasons to worry when it comes to adding to your calorie intake, we recommend that you try sorbet.

Now, homemade ice cream is not easy to make as it takes a lot of whipping and churning which in turn takes up a lot of your valuable time. However, making a sorbet at home and that too with a fruit flavour of your choice could only take a few minutes of yours and a bit of shaking.

You might be thinking that I can’t be done right? You don’t believe us? Take a look at these images with instructions!


1. You take a cup of 100% fruit extract of your choice and put it in a small zip-lock plastic bag. In this case we used an orange extract.


2. Get two cups of tube ice and place them carefully inside the large zip-lock plastic bag. 


3. Grab a cup of salt, And add slowly pour it into the large zip-lock plastic bag along with the tube ice.


4. Don’t forget to add a cup of water in the large bag. Be sure to avoid spilling the water over!


5. Then put the small zip-lock bag with the fruit extract inside the large bag. Zip it completely to make sure there will be no accidents. We wouldn’t want getting the juice all over the place. 


6. Make sure you shake it vigorously for 5 minutes.


7. If it gets too cold you can get a cloth, gloves or better yet wear oven mittens so you can shake it like crazy.


8. When you feel that the consistency of the sorbet is at your preference. Take the small plastic bag out. And enjoy your home made Ice cream!



That was unbelievable right?! I am very sure that you are ready for some homemade sorbet now.


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