We Bet That You Had No Idea About This, What She Does With These Wine Corks Is Simply Amazing!

Once a bottle of wine is finished, we hardly worry about the wine corks as they serve almost no purpose after that.You would also agree to it unless you plan to start a collection of wine corks, the chances of which are definitely grim for sure.

However, what if that isn’t the case at all. What if you could so a lot more with wine corks after popping your wine bottle. Take a look at this project, for example, in which wine corks were collected and then turned into some beautiful looking jewellery pieces. Just another outstanding way of recycling your junk into something that’s eye catchy and fun to do at the same time.

First of all, you need to prepare your corks. Take a saucepan from your kitchen and fill it with water up to a few inches.

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Now, take a strainer, place it over the pan and put the corks in it, however you should be careful enough so as to not let the strainer and water touch each other.

The next step involves, letting the water boil for almost ten minutes by covering the pot and the strainer.

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The steam from the pot will make your corks soft and you will easily be able to cut them with a knife or even a small hand saw.

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Once you have corks softened cut them as per the size you want for your pendants and once that is done, smooth-en the rough parts using a sand paper.

Now it is time to give different colors to your corks. You can either use ink or paint and your artistic mind to make them look beautiful.

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Allow your corks to dry and once dried up, you can choose any size stamp to cover your cork in a beautiful design.

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To get great results, you must remember to press the corks in to the stamps and not the other way around. Let them dry before you move on to adding any more textures.

Now, twist a 5 mm eye screw in to the top side of these corks.

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You can use the eye to thread a necklace through and wear your cork pendants now.

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How about using them as bracelet charms, wall hangings or earrings?

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These little cork pendants are now ready to look pretty wherever you want and as it takes almost no time to make these, you could end up making a lot of them at one go. Gone are the days of worrying about what to do with the junk called wine corks.

Instead, gift your friends and family with these marvellous looking jewellery pieces that they will cherish for long.


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