Want to make your pup go crazy with happiness? We have these amazing DIY projects for you to choose from

A pet store does offer you a wide variety of toys for sure along with many delectable treats and accessories for your lovable 4 legged friend however it can also empty your wallet in the process.

What if I told you that there was a way out in this situation and you could spend almost nothing and still make your dog(s) happy?

You heard it right! The below given DIY projects are bound to make your dog(s) super happy while keeping them healthy and stylish at the same time, something that only the subtle touch of a human can offer.

We have also included goodies not just for your dog(s) but for you too!

Save money and at the same time keep your backseat clean with basic cover.


If your pup is old, he/she might find it difficult to climb the bed, why not help them out with an awesome homemade ramp.


Summer heat can dry up almost everything but with this smart water bottle you could keep your friend hydrated.


In a mood to treat her like a princess? Get her one of these easy to hang canopy.


Why not give your pup their very own pouf which is super soft and gorgeous to look at the same time.


Save your dog(s) from troublesome fleas, use this powder recipe.


For those allergy related itches, opt for this aromatherapy.


Use these mouthwash recipes to quickly rinse their gums.


Give them a surrounding stocked with herbs that are good for their health.


For those much needed protection from harsher surfaces such as concrete etc, use this organic paw balm.


Treat them with baked sweet potatoes that they would love to chew on.


For those with a different taste, you can always go with the marvellous mutt loaf batch.


They would love a side dish treat made of oat and apple pretzel.


Why not change that collar with a vintage looking old belt of yours for that added oomph.


Got a big dog who loves to play rough? Try one of the paracord versions of leashes that are super sturdy.


No more spending on toys that you can always replace with homemade ones.


Take a look at this wonderful looking tire bed made at home.


Gift them with some sweet looking toys that you have stitched up.


Get their canvas done that will look simply amazing.


Believe in minimalism? Why not get a paw portrait instead!


Always keep them close with a cute looking Shrinky Dink necklace as this.



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