Usain Bolt Gets Frustrated With Reporter And Turns To Honor The US National Anthem

It seems as if patriotism is not as important as it once was in many people’s minds. That is not the case with everyone, and some people still have a lot of respect for their country and even for other countries as well. This will become obvious when you see this video, and it doesn’t involve a political or national figure, it involves somebody who is well-known because of their quick speed and running style, Usain Bolt.

During the 2016 Olympics, Bolt was in the middle of an interview when he heard the US national anthem playing at the stadium. The moment that he heard it, he immediately stops his dialogue and turn to give honor to the anthem as it was playing. The reporter also did the same when she heard it playing, and turned her attention to the song as well.

Many of us think about the competition that we see at the Olympic games but that isn’t the only thing that is taking place. Those individuals may be athletes, but they are also people who sometimes do things that teach us a lesson in life as well.


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