Town Stands Behind Cheerleader With Downs When School Keeps Her Off The Field

In high schools around the world, cheerleaders are there on the sidelines to get the team excited and to keep the fans interested when there is some downtime on the field. As you are probably well aware, there is plenty of downtime, so having them there is certainly a benefit. For one young girl, however, her dream of being a cheerleader came to an abrupt end when she was denied the opportunity to cheer by the school.

Her name is Grace Key, and she wanted to do her part on the cheerleading squad. She is special, in that she has downs syndrome, but that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her dream of cheering. She even made it as an honorary member on the squad, but when the game started, she was forced to sit on the bench while her friends cheered on the sidelines.

The town found out that the school was not allowing Grace to cheer and they decided to do something about it. They rallied around this young woman and started an online petition. The results were amazing and she will be able to cheer in the next game.


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