They Thought Their Dog Died In The Tornado But Then He Shows Up During A Live Interview

When you go through any type of a natural disaster, it can be quite emotional for the entire family. Many of us cannot even imagine losing our home in such a disaster, but it happens regularly to many people. That is especially true of tornadoes, because they can strike without warning and the results can be devastating. For this family, it was not only losing their truck, they lost their beloved dog in the tornado as well.

The man was being interviewed live by the local news crew and he was visibly shaken over the entire experience. He had just been through a tornado and he thought that he was never going to see his dog again. The man also was in pretty bad condition, but then he sees his dog and he forgets absolutely everything that happened to him.

The dog runs over into his arms and the man breaks down in tears, right there during the interview. He was rushed to the hospital to ensure that he wasn’t injured but the man was so overwhelmed with the sight of his pup that he couldn’t stop crying.


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