There is a reason behind his poking holes in to this tomato, get ready to be surprised.

Tomatoes are most commonly used all around the world for making various delicacies and  dishes. They nicely add to the flavor and color to whatever recipe they are added into and in general tomatoes are a great ingredient; be it in burgers, salads or for that matter for most of the recipes for salsa. All that said, not many would associate beauty with tomatoes, at least until now.

That’s right! We guarantee that once you see what a simple looking tomato can be turned into, as shown in this list, you are bound to look at tomatoes with a renewed perspective, one that of beauty and much appeal for sure!

How to make a Tomato lotus flower in a minute.



Choose your knife, may it be a paring knife or a small serrated knife. But be sure that is superbly sharp to accomplish the desired task.



The process is to slowly and carefully cut the tomato diagonally with a length of 2 and a half centimeter. Starting from the from inserting the knife at center of the tomato.



Cutting diagonally from the center, allowing 2 centimeter distance from each of the diagonal incisions.



Complete the process by cutting the tomato till you reach the starting point so it can be pulled apart in half.



Take one of the two halves and start making incisions to the skin from top to the bottom part of the tomato half.



Be sure to cut the tomato half in a way that you only cut through the skin. Not deep enough to get too much flesh. 



Also be careful not to go all the way in the tomato half.



After carving the tomato half carefully, you can now start creating petals.



Slowly cut only under the skin to create the petals.


Here is the finish product. Depending on the depth of your slice, you can create various designs of your choice.

Tomato11Now, that is one interesting thing that you can do with a tomato and I am sure that most of us wouldn’t dare try doing that for the fear of not being able to do it at the first place.


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