The Way These Students Changed an Old School Bus? It Looks Amazing!

You won’t believe what these new graduates did to an old, smashed up school bus…How many of us remember doing anything special in the summer after our LàB graduation? No need for any wild guesses there, most of us must have taken some time off, enjoyed being around or in the pool, taken a trip or two, maybe a cheap jerseys semi world tour or something like that or perhaps just got ourselves a job.

Needless to say that these are some worthy things to do however definitely not as outrageously creative as what these students did who also had recently graduated.

Take a look at each one of them; don’t they simply look like a bunch of usual kids to you? We thought so for sure.

However, the work done by them is, simply put, one of a kind and just out of this world!

The bus looked shabby and filthy at its best, when looked from the inside.


These kids wanted to turn that around, so cheap nfl jerseys they made their own plans or shall we say a few master plans.

Out of the two plans that you see as given below, the one on the right hand side is the one that they ended up finishing.
To begin with, they worked on insulating the bus from all the sound and heat of the road, 吉永あかねのセックス大全集。あなたはどの吉永あかねが好み? using runners and plywood.

Then, it was time to work on the hangout space and kitchen with the hard framework put in place.

Right behind were the benches as well.

It was time to make way for power through some decent electrical work.

Addition of bunk beds came next, that too for about 8 people.

It almost has started to look like a real RV now, what do you think?

To give an artistic touch to the interiors, wholesale jerseys China Yellowstone mural from Mod Podge was used.


Time to work on colouring the bus now; as always white primer comes to the rescue for a great paint job.

A coat of Post light blue was added to give some character to the exterior.

Here it is with the work complete.

The best part was how they had found a way to make use of the smallest of space available that was otherwise hidden.

Adding a hidden area for storage in the couch was a thoughtful addition.

How about excellently placed pull out components for those comfortable long rides?

We love the privacy that the bunk area offers.

It’s hard to believe that this gorgeous looking vehicle was a school bus once.

I wish I would have had the opportunity to ride in one of these during my junior high! Don’t you?
Want more details of how this incredible project came about, right from inception to its end?
What’s more? This bus is even up for sale now; just imagine the Hello wonderful journeys it will take you on!


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