Teen With Down Syndrome Is Escorted To High School By Bikers On His First Day

Bullying is a problem that far too many of our children must face. In fact, many people would consider it to be an epidemic and it seems as if no one is excluded from this problem. It is especially an issue for individuals with special needs, as they may be targeted by vicious bullies.

That is why Sean Maehrer was concerned about entering his freshman year of high school. He had Down syndrome, so there was some concern over the possibility of him being picked on for being different and either being affected emotionally or perhaps even physically. That is when his family reached out for support on Facebook. After expressing concern about the problem, he had some rather unusual guests on the first day of school.

It was a group of heroes who all pulled up in front of Sean’s house riding motorcycles. Whether they knew they were going to do it or not, they absolutely changed this young boy’s life and he had a send off to school that was unlike any he had ever experienced. It is truly marvelous to see.


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