A Sick Child Looks Out The Hospital Window And Sees A Special Message From Construction Workers

It can be difficult to be in the hospital, but when you are a little child, it can be almost unbearable. Unfortunately, there are many children who are in that situation, and the days can be difficult. After all, children want to be outside playing but when a serious illness strikes, it’s important for them to get the care they need as well.

For a 2 year old girl named Vivian, the days were especially difficult. She was being treated for childhood leukemia at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital. From the day she went into the hospital, there was construction taking place right outside her window. As the day’s passed, she became more and more interested in the workers and would even wave to them. They even gave her a construction hat.

On one of the days, 2 of the construction workers noticed Vivian waving from the window and they started waving back. Vivian was delighted with the interaction. Then those workers, Greg Combs and Travis Barnes, decided to do something for her to surprise her and cheer her up. When she looked out the window, she saw it.


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