Security cameras capture dog sneaking out of her kennel to comfort lonely foster puppies

When I think of my dog Baxter, I think about all the times he has comforted me when I was lonely, sad, or stressed. I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t be the happy person I am today without him.


Yet for all the comforting dogs do for humans, it can be difficult for humans to fully reciprocate the love. We do the best we can, but as you’re about to find out, there’s no better friend to a dog than another dog.

The people working at the Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming in Canada received a wonderful surprise when they went to check in on some newborn puppies one evening. When they checked the security camera, they couldn’t believe their eyes. An older golden retriever, Maggie, had snuck out of her kennel to the puppies and was attempting to find a way in to comfort them!

The workers quickly headed over to the kennels and united Maggie with the puppies. There, Maggie stayed with the puppies all night.

What a beautiful moment shared between a dog and some foster puppies. When we’re not there to comfort our dogs, our fellow dogs will do just as good of a job.

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Maggie attempted to find a way into the kennel in order to comfort the newborn foster puppies.

After workers let her into the puppies’ kennel, Maggie stayed with the puppies all night!


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