Ready for a treat this summer that I bet you didn’t even know was possible?

Alright, so there is no doubt in this that the most of us like bacon a lot, so much so that we can be called bacon lovers for that matter. And, most of us, bacon lovers, are proud of our obsession on having bacon.

So, I thought why not add to this obsessive love of ours for bacon with this amazing little treat that I am sure not many, in fact most likely none of you know about.

Are you ready?

Ok, so this is a treat called the ‘bacon weave ice cream sandwich’, ta da!

I am going to show you how to make it now.

To begin with, what you will need is some bacon. I would suggest that you go with maple bacon if you like a sweeter treat.


You can make the pretty famous bacon weave using a pan and cook (you can find plenty of tutorials on how to do this all over the internet). They are usually square in shape. However, if you want to have circles made out of them, you can do that as well but only after they have been cooked and cooled properly.

When you cut them into circles as you like, you can always keep the excess for using it as sprinkles on something else or you can simply eat it as well.

For this next part, what you would need is ice cream. I suggest that you use a simple favour, for example, Vanilla ice cream.



You can always use a normal knife instead of the macho looking small sized saw that you see in the picture, in order to cut neat slices from your ice cream. Now, when you apply the ice cream slices on the cooked and ready bacon or bacon circles, take care that you do not spread the ice cream too much as the bacon at this time would be brittle after having cooked.

Alternatively, you could also try this with one of the ice cream sandwiches that you get from shops. All that you need to is to peel away the wafers that the sandwich comes with and instead put your bacon circles on the ice cream.

And, there you go!


Now, you are ready to enjoy this little summer treat that was very easy to make and is going to be pretty yummy to have!

I am guessing that you have started making it for yourself already, go ahead and enjoy!

Also, this doesn’t have to be your only experiment this summer. You can try out many other variations as well. How about adding different sauces to it? Or, trying the many options of possible toppings with it?

Oh wait, here’s one of my favourites – multilayer sandwiches.




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