This Parody By Mums Shows Why Every Woman Caves Into Buying A Minivan

By the time we get out of school and are ready to get married, we already have a list of things that we will never do in our life. Typically, somewhere on that list is going to be purchasing a minivan and many young married women vow that they will never own one. In reality, many parents end up with minivans because they are one of the most convenient vehicles when you have young children.

If you find yourself in this situation or if you just find the irony in a promise that you know is going to be broken, you will love this parody. It is written and performed by young mothers who may be up against a similar situation. They are the Texting Yoga Pants and their recent hit, “Never Gonna Do It,” is going viral online.

If you are a young mother with children, you will absolutely be able to relate to the lyrics. Not only that, you may identify with the way that they are feeling as they are singing as well. In any case, it is extremely funny and we recognise why so many people are passing it along.


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