Only a genius could do what she did with those drawers

Are you also one of those that are obsessed with Do It Yourself activities? If you are, then you are in store for a surely amazing delight. What you are about to witness is the process and creation of Kelsey Johnson, from the Design, to Innovate and then Create, that came about as a result of her decision to give a new lease of life to an old unwanted dresser. This is a perfect example of what a little bit of extra care can do to transform even the worst of furniture that you might be thinking of disposing.

I am sure that you will be thinking of doing something very similar as soon as you read through this article.

Kelsey started the process with getting the dresser outside the house and making sure that all the drawers removed.


The grass on the front lawn is just a perfect location for multiple rounds of spray painting.


The first thing done was coating the dresser shell and drawers with a fine layer of spray paint, grey in color.


After the primary coat of painting, she then covered all the drawers with a lace that has a very intricate design.


She then secures the lace on top of the drawers, and sprays through them to imprint the design to the drawers.


Have you ever though of using a lace with a design as an effective stencil for furniture?


Just take a look at that! I mean its so beautiful.


Now for the knobs of the drawer. She then uses a silver or chrome color spray paint to cover every inch them.


She then puts all the part of the drawer back together, As you can see, no one in the world would ever believe that what you have in front of you was once a rotting and unappealing piece of furniture that was on its way of being disposed.


Take a look at this gorgeous makeover, don’t you think it is time for you to get one for yourself?


Revamping your furniture and doing it easily and spending the least money are 2 different things. That’s what makes Kelsey the queen of such Do It Yourself projects.


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