Lorry Driver Has His Mobile Phone Stolen And Goes Jackie Chan On The Guy

We don’t often get to take a look inside of China but when we do, we often see that life can be rather rough. Sometimes, we might even see a situation where they do something we would never see in our own backyard. That was the case in China’s Guangdong province, and the guy is probably still wondering what happened.

The man on the bike stopped by a lorry and decided he would help himself to the driver’s phone. He even tries to fool anyone who was looking by putting the phone to his ear as if it was his phone. The problem for him was that he didn’t fool the lorry driver for a moment and a security camera was there to catch what he did next for the world to see.

As the bike comes speeding toward the lorry driver, he refuses to get out of the way. At the last moment, he jumps off of his feet and knocks the guy off of his bike. He even ended up landing on top of the bike driver in the process! I bet he will think twice before doing that again.


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