Let’s Show Honor To These Divers Who Show With Their Flops Why They Weren’t In The Olympics

As many of us watch the Olympics, we begin to think that athletes take on almost a superhuman approach to life. Regardless of what they are doing on the field, it seems as if they do it to perfection. That is not only true of their physical actions and their sports, they also tend to be compassionate to others around them. As you are about to see, however, not everything always goes as planned and athletes can even make some pretty serious errors.

The divers in this video are not part of the Olympics but they are competing in the sport. When the divers approach the end of the board, you expect to see something flawless on their end but before they hit the water, something goes wrong and they don’t really do anything but make a big splash.

In competitive sports, where the athletes are scored on a scale of 1 to 10, you would expect that even a poor attempt would get at least a 1. As it turns out, the men who made these blunders didn’t even get a score. Fortunately, there were able to laugh about it after the event.


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