This Iconic Dance From ‘Dirty Dancing’ Is Now 28 Years Old

There have been many memorable dances in recent history. Some of them have been on television shows, such as Dancing with the Stars, but for many of us, there is nothing that compares to the last dance from the Dirty Dancing movie. Not only is it fantastic to watch, it is one of those iconic scenes that will just keep getting better, every time we see it. In fact, from the moment he says that “Nobody puts Baby in the corner” the fun starts.

This dance featured Patrick Swayze, along with Jennifer Grey, but she had to be convinced to take part of this film because she didn’t care much for Swayze. She had worked with him previously in the movie, Red Dawn. As it turns out, taking part of the movie was probably one of the best career decision she had ever made!

Patrick Swayze was not only known for his dancing in this movie, he was known as an actor that played a number of interesting and popular roles as well. It is unfortunate that he is gone so soon, but he leaves behind this legacy that we can continue enjoying, just by watching the videos.


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