Hunky Singer Performs ‘Stand By Me’ And The Judges LOVE It

There are certain performers that we may see on shows, such as The X Factor, and we wonder why we may have never heard of them before. That is the case with Matt Terry, and when you hear him perform on stage, you will know that you are seeing a star in the making. As it turns out, however, he wasn’t always a star of the stage and he got his start being a waiter. He ended up quitting his job after having a tough breakup with his girlfriend and then he tried out for the show.

If his first two performances are any indication, you can really expect to see a lot of greatness out of this young lad. In fact, when he performs Stand by Me on the X factor, he absolutely stuns everyone, including the judges. Even Simon Cowell has a huge smile on his face!

We don’t know if it is because of his wonderful singing or the fact that he is quite popular with the ladies because of his looks, but he is certain to be someone that will move onward and upward after this season is over.


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