They Haven’t Seen Their 300-Pound Son In A Year And Had No Idea He Had Lost 130 Pounds

One of the most enjoyable times in life is when we get the opportunity to surprise our parents. Perhaps we haven’t seen them in quite some time, and when we suddenly show up, the joy and excitement is almost too much for words. Many of us have even begun taking videos of those moments, preserving them forever and sharing them with others online.

In 2012, Lucas was 25 years old and he weighed in at 300 pounds. He was totally addicted to sugary foods and eating junk, and he hated exercise. When Lucas made a vow to lose weight and get healthy, nobody would have believed it and interestingly, he decided to keep his weight loss a secret. His mother and father lived elsewhere, so he only gets to see them during the summer time and Christmas break.

He managed to make an excuse so he couldn’t go home for a summer visit but when he visited for Christmas, the surprise was overwhelming. If you’re ready to see somebody excited, you have got to see his parents reaction whenever they saw him.


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