Gene Wilder Bloopers Reel And Some Never Before Seen Scenes From Young Frankenstein

forever, and it can clearly be seen in many of the films that he left behind, not the least of which is Young Frankenstein. In that film, it was almost continuous laughter from the opening scene until the closing scene, and there are many notable quotes through the film as well.

We see the film as being comedic perfection but behind the scenes, there were many things it took place that we may not be aware of. These include a number of bloopers, as well as deleted scenes that never quite made the final cut. You get to see those in all of their glory in this video.

If you thought Young Frankenstein was funny at the theater, you should see these bloopers. It really shows that the actors were not just in it for the money or the fame, they were having a fantastic time while they were on the set.


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