When Elvis Appeared On Ed Sullivan It Was Perhaps The Most Controversial Ever

We have certainly seen our fair share of controversy in recent years. Rather than being thrust out of the limelight for being a little bit too risqué, they often end up being the center of attention and it can even work in their favor in many cases. Most of us would consider this to be somewhat of a recent phenomenon but the fact of the matter is, controversy has been quite popular for many years. In fact, there were times when controversy was a driving force, even when it was running underneath the radar.

Elvis Presley is a prime example of controversy, although many of us don’t really consider his performances to be out of the ordinary today. Looking back on some of his older antics, it seems as if they were fairly tame but for those days, he was an absolute controversial dynamo! Between his gyrating hips and other body movements, he was far too much for television.

That didn’t stop him from being invited on the Ed Sullivan show 3 separate times. CBS was very upset over that fact, and they even forced Ed to only film him from the waist up on his final visit. Did it work? Not really, apparently he was controversy enough in his upper body to make a difference.


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