Elderly Couple Pulls Out All Of The Stops With Some Awesome Uptown Funk Dance Moves

There are many things that we might do in our younger years but as we get older, it seems as if we don’t do them as often. For some of us, it has to do with being physically active and many older individuals simply allow themselves to sit in a chair and watch the world go by. As you are about to see, however, that is not the case with everyone and this older couple is certainly loving life.

Sometimes, you just have to dance and it seems as if this couple is enjoying doing so together. They are listening to Uptown Funk and it is absolutely hilarious! When you find out that they were actually on vacation, it makes perfect sense that they would be dancing, because what else are you going to do while you are away?

The musician who was playing music at the resort was so taken by their youthful energy that he asked the waitress to capture the dancing while he performed the music. When you see it, you can’t help but have a huge smile on your face at this couple who is certainly young at heart.


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