Dolly Parton teams with Pentatonix to perform a chilling a cappella rendition of “Jolene”

What happens when you get the most popular modern a capella fivesome and the most legendary female country singer of all time in the same room?

In this amazing cover of Dolly Parton’s 1973 hit “Jolene”, Parton herself is joined by Pentatonix, the Youtube-famous vocal group known for their eclectic pop covers. The seventy-year-old, who has also ventured into acting, cooking, business ventures, and philanthropy, shows that she still has the chords of steel to belt out those notes!

In classic Pentantonix fashion, the Texas-based group knows exactly how to create the perfect harmonies for the occasion. They have their signature beatboxing, and sync up perfectly to accentuate Parton’s emotional wailing. “Jolene” is Parton’s most-covered song, the tale of a woman confronting a beautiful woman who attempts to steal her lover.

And then she steps back to let the Pentatonix sing the final verse of this country classic — almost as if she’s passing the torch to this new talented young group of performers. They look like they’re all having a great time!

The Southern sweetheart gives the Pentatonix a high five with a winning smile on her face.

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