Dash Cam Catches Horses Being Saved From A Wildfire

Many of us recognize the dangers of fire, but we may not realize how quickly it can develop. Just a simple look online at a video, however, can show you the dangers of fire even more closely, and it will give you a greater respect for what this natural resource is capable of doing. Of course, there are a number of different types of fires but when a wildfire strikes and is kicked up by high winds, it can get out of control very quickly.

That was the case when a wildfire swept through an area known as Squirrel Valley. The high winds whipped the fire out of control quickly and left both people and animals running from the area as fast as possible. 200 homes were damaged and a lot of the area was destroyed but as you are about to see, not all the news was bad.

A police dash cam caught two horses who were still roaming in the area and some drivers decided to stop and to bring the horses to safety. Although they were reluctant at first, they eventually permitted the people to help them to get out of harm’s way.




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