His Dance With A Friesian Stallion Goes To The Next Level When A Second Stallion Joins Them

There are many people who love horses and spend their entire life dedicated to these beautiful animals. Some of them care for the horses in rather unique ways, and others may even be able to amaze us with their abilities. That is certain to be the case when you see Frédéric Pignon and his performance with 3 Fresian stallions. He is a French horse trainer and what he is able to accomplish with these wonderful stallions is beyond belief.

We first see a stallion galloping alongside the trainer when the performance is first getting underway. He follows every single command he is given, including posing and picking up a riding crop. When the second horse arrives on the scene, there is no hesitation before they begin galloping in unison and they are each taking separate commands perfectly!

As if this is not enough, a third horse soon joins the mix and they work together with each other and their trainer in order to put on a rather amazing performance. One thing is certain, you have never seen anything quite like this, and it doesn’t matter if you love horses or not, you will be amazed by what they accomplish.


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