Dad Catches Son Doing A Dance In The Kitchen And The Footage Is Hilarious

If you were to ask most children, they would say they weren’t big fans of doing chores. In fact, parents have been having problems getting many children to do chores for years. It isn’t only a problem with this generation, it has been going on since chores were first invented, and it isn’t likely to stop anytime soon. Those chores may take on a number of different forms, from cleaning up the bedroom to doing dishes but they all have one thing in common, kids don’t like doing them.

They you have this young lad, who may or may not like doing his chore of doing the dishes but he is going to make the most of it, nonetheless. He asked his father to play the “Smooth Criminal” song by Michael Jackson and what his father saw is beyond funny.

At first, the lad is putting the dishes in the dishwasher but before long, he can’t help but dance. It looks like he is really enjoying himself but when he catches his dad watching? His face says it all! Perhaps I should try this the next time I need to do dishes.


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