The Best Reactions On This Talent Show Often Come From Simon Cowell

The talent shows on television are certainly entertaining, and many of us watch them to see what new and exciting talents are going to be displayed. We have seen everything from amazing singers and dancers to magicians and even some rather unusual acts. At times, however, the show isn’t only on the stage, it is also at the judges table. It only takes a little bit of watching to recognize that Simon Cowell is a man of 1 million faces, and some of them are quite amusing.

Simon originally made it into the hearts of many TV watchers in 2002, when he became part of the show, American Idol. The British judge quickly became well-known because of his fierce, harsh and sometimes cruel way of treating the contestants. Many people found it to be quite funny.

It doesn’t matter if you love Simon Cowell or if you hate him, you have to admit that he makes some of the most hilarious faces during the show. That face may either mean he loves what he sees or he is hating what he sees. In either case, he often wears his heart out on his sleeve, as well as on his face.


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